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I've become fascinated by what neuroscience is discovering about being human. For a long time, I've thought that a lot of what we feel, believe and experience is based on our physical states. Biology creates psychology.

The Decade of the Brain (the 1990s) seems to have paid off. Researchers around the world are using cheap computing power to unravel how our brains work.

Hug the Monkey is a blog about oxytocin, the hormone that makes us love, trust and mate -- and how we can learn to harness it for happiness.
As I write my book about oxytocin, I publish iinteresting snippets from my research.

The most astonishing insight is that, although we may be wired a certain way, we can change our wiring for the better -- and for good.

In my professional life, I write about technology, business and science for a variety of pubs, online and in print.

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