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Interview with the Maker of Liquid Trust

This is the second of my interviews with vendors of oxytocin products. Also see this interview with Mike Delaney, who sells OxyCalm.

 On August 4 2006 I spoke by phone with Jonathan Gilden of Vero Labs, makers of Liquid Trust. Here's an edited transcript of our interview.

Hug: Please give me some background on your company. When was it founded?

Gilden: In June 2005, following the study at the University of Zurich. The study showed that inhaling oxytocin made people more trusting and more open to listening to suggestions. The idea was simple: perhaps this would be a good consumer product. For example, a salesman's biggest obstacle is [getting people to listen to him.] We created a product that would assist him in at least getting the ear of people and not be written off right away. Also, as oxytocin is known as the cuddle hormone or bonding hormone, we wanted to open that door for people.

Hug: Do you have other products besides Liquid Trust?

Gilden: Not at this time, but we do have plans in the coming month or two to release at least one more product. There also are some future products and ideas in the research and development stages. I can't disclose whether they're oxytocin-based.

Hug: How was the product tested?

Gilden: I don't know. I hear the skepticism -- it’s a natural reaction to something of this nature. But the company offers a money-back guarantee. If somebody is skeptical, if for whatever reasons they believe it doesn’t work, the risk is extremely minimal: It's a 60-day money-back guarantee. Even if the person uses up the whole bottle, we'll refund their money,

Additionally, one of the companies reselling our product, Love Scent [an affiliate marketer],  has created a forum for people to talk about the effects they've experienced.

Hug: Is Liquid Trust regulated by the FDA?

Gilden: We do not recommend drinking it or applying it to the skin. We recommend putting it on one's clothing. So it doesn’t fall under the FDA's authority, because it’s not something that's administered. The product is similar to those in the pheromone industry, Natural Attraction, for example.

Hug: Did you experiment with self-dosing as you developed the product? Can you share some of your experiences?

Gilden: I have used it, but I don’t have any specific stories. I don't have a rocky relationship with my wife, but she does seem more calm since I've been using it.

Hug: How much oxytocin is in a dose? How did you arrive at this dilution?

Gilden: That's always a sticky question. It's a fair question, but for this company, the formula is its biggest asset. It can be verified that the product contains oxytocin, but the ratio of oxytocin in Liquid Trust is a trade secret.

Hug: The product also contains alcohol and water; elsewhere you mention a time-release factor that makes a spray last two to four hours. Is there also a time-release chemical?

Gilden: My understanding is that this is similar to pheromones, the hormone comes off you just like cologne. If you apply cologne, it doesn’t last all day, it softens as time goes on.

Hug: Critics say Liquid Trust has too little oxytocin to be effective. What's your response?

Gilden: Look at the results other people have experienced. Anyone can take advantage of our money-back guarantee. If you are skeptical, there's no reason you shouldn’t try it.

We tried to create the most effective product that we can. There's a lot of research that should substantiate the effects of oxytocin in the product.

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I do not endorse this or any products; however, I have decided to join the company's affiliate program, because so many people find my site searching for a place to buy oxytocin. If you really want to, click on the link below, and the company will pay me a share of the sale: